How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

In this article, you will learn how to write an Argumentative essay, including the structure of Body paragraphs, Thesis statement, and Conclusion. In addition, you’ll learn how to avoid plagiarism and cite sources properly. This guide will also help you come up with a compelling thesis statement. Read on to discover how to write an argumentative essay that will impress your teacher! There are many tips and tricks you can use to write an effective Argumentative essay!

Argumentative essay structure

Typically, an argumentative essay is organized in three parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The body paragraphs should support the thesis, and the conclusion should summarize the evidence presented. An argumentative essay can also take on various variations. Below are a few common examples of essay structure. Let’s look at each in turn. Hopefully, these examples will help you compose an argumentative essay. This article will cover three different approaches to the structure of argumentative essays.

An introduction paragraph should introduce the topic, the purpose, and the objective of the essay. Using compelling language, this paragraph must persuade the reader of the topic’s importance and relevance. Often, an introduction paragraph will also set a context, giving readers background information to help them better understand the arguments that follow. A final paragraph can be used to call the reader to action or pose a rhetorical question to further develop the topic of the essay.

Body paragraphs

There are two basic kinds of body paragraphs in an argumentative essay. The first is known as a “topic sentence,” and it introduces the main idea of the paragraph. It also serves as a paragraph leader. In an argumentative essay, a topic sentence makes the argument more compelling, as it begins the discussion by providing an underlying claim or question. Then, the rest of the paragraphs follow the same pattern.

The concluding paragraph should provide evidence to support the conclusion and tie everything together. It should be as brief as possible, but still contain enough information to support the thesis. It should also include a brief wrap-up sentence to show how the reasoning you presented has related to your thesis statement. The conclusion sentence should be brief and contain the most valuable information. It should also include a strong transition from the main body of the essay to the concluding paragraph.


The conclusion of an argumentative essay should summarize all the main points in the body of the paper. It should also reiterate the thesis statement in a nutshell. It should also address the opposing idea and explain why it doesn’t work. The conclusion should end in a strong way. If it’s a persuasive essay, it should be as clear as possible. This section is important in ensuring a good grade.

The conclusion of an argumentative essay should restate the author’s opinion and supporting evidence. If it’s unclear or unsupported, it may be helpful to include the opinion of an expert. An expert is someone who knows a great deal about the subject. Their expertise will allow the audience to trust their opinion. For example, an expert in linguistics Noam Chomsky might be a good choice to provide evidence.

Thesis statement

When writing an argumentative essay, it’s vital that you know how to make a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement should provide a clear answer to a particular question. For example, if you’re writing about an important idea that affects the way we live and work, then you should state why people should care about the topic at hand. Similarly, if you’re writing about a topic that has a negative impact on the environment, then your thesis statement should explain why that viewpoint is better than another.

The benefits of media literacy education should be stressed in schools. It teaches students how to differentiate between entertainment and information. For example, an article describing the importance of media literacy may clearly have an argumentative thesis statement. This thesis statement is essential for a good argumentative essay, as it sets the context and purpose of the article. This will influence the ideas that readers come away with from the article. However, the purpose of an article can be equally crucial.

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